Friday, December 7, 2012

Old Bottle and Pears

So there's a little story about this bottle. My husband and I often take walks through a nature preserve near our house. The last time we went out for a walk was just after Hurricane Sandy had blown through our area. There was a lot of erosion and in one upturned section, we noticed broken bits of pottery lying exposed in the dirt. We started to dig and unearthed this beautiful green bottle. A piece of the pottery found at the same time had markings dating it back to the 1880s. Maybe I should have called this piece, 'Really Old Bottle and Pears!"


  1. This painting has lovely light and beautiful colors. I love the paint application and understated feel. Just great!

  2. This one is so beautiful. I love the underpainting showing through with bits of red giving this quiet painting a punch of energy. Very nice!!

  3. Beautiful light and love the red peeking through! Very nice!!