Thursday, November 10, 2011

Florentine Beauty

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A few weeks ago I travelled to Florence, Italy to see my daughter who is studying there this semester. She is taking painting, photography, jewelry and art history. While there, I took lots of pictures to paint from when I got back home. I've started with this one. It's her, outside a cafe, waiting for a cappuccino. That's my husband inside, figuring out the euro conversion. Notice her shoes - Italian, hand-made and already her favorites. There are amazingly beautiful things to see in Florence, but without a doubt, she is the most beautiful. Counting the days until her homecoming.


  1. Lucky daughter. I was in Florence a few weeks ago too. Bet we saw each other.
    I am not a big shopper but the clothes were incredible. Especially the shoes.
    Your painting is wonderful. It will be a wonderful memory of a great time in her life.

  2. Lovely painting of your daughter. Really like the painterly strokes.