Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Seascape #1


Today I finally did it. I took my easel to the beach. I have been wanting to do that - envisioning myself doing that for a very long time. Resistance, fear of exposure, fear of standing out there alone, kept me safely tucked inside my studio, until today. I was inspired and got the final push from Roos Schuring , a plein aire painter from the Netherlands, whom I met via her blog and facebook. She wrote me yesterday and told me to take my easel for a walk... and so I did. Hooray!


  1. Wow! Love that you did a plein air painting and it looks great! I have been following your posts about Roos and I love her work too! So atmospheric. So where can I bid on that painting you just did? Hope my other one is locked away!!

  2. Love the color and brushwork in the sky.

  3. I was visiting Carol Marine's blog and noticed your nicely painted profile picture in the comments posted recently. I am so happy to find your inspirational art. Very nice!