Sunday, April 19, 2015

Set for Spring

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I stood very close to the table arrangement as I painted this piece because I had two goals in mind. One was to create a table set with inviting breakfast items placed so as to create rhythmic points of color on the white table cloth. Second, I wanted to capture how a person approaching the table might scan the setting. So initially, it appears that you are looking directly down onto the egg and the grapefruit. You, the viewer, then look up passed and across the orange slices, glass and blue jug and finally through the water pitcher and the glass vase of tulips.

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  1. Hi Maryann, I have enjoyed seeing your past posts working up to this one. Beautiful work with everything you. In this beauty of a painting I really like the definition of the water jug against the dark, and the tulips leaning towards it.
    Have you seen John Singer Sargent's The Breakfast Table? I love it.