Saturday, March 21, 2015

Potato Leek Soup

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I am attempting to "complicate" my compositions. In this case, I chose to add dimension with a dark background and draped white cloths in the foreground. The cutting board extends off the table introducing another space -  one in front of the table. The elements in this still life are at different levels, notice the raised bread and tilted pot of potatoes and the interesting patterns of shadows and reflections. Finally, the colorful subjects are crowded together in the top third of the canvas while the other two thirds remain uncluttered with large shapes and subtle color and value changes.


  1. I grinned reading your words - trying to complicate my composition. I understand the challenge. I feel you were very successful and the lighting reminds me of a dutch master painting. This is superb.

  2. I admire all your work, Maryann, but this is a real bravura piece. It's stunning.