Friday, March 16, 2012

Fish Plate

So I guess this is a bit of a fish story, with pictures to go along with it. My daughter, Edwina, was home from college this week and we planned to paint together. She said she wanted to paint a fish. Here's where she is so great for me. I never would have thought to paint a fish. So, off to King Kullen I went to buy a fish with its head still on. Here's the fish... a porgy... and as the check-out girl remarked, a nice size one!
I wanted to share with my daughter one of my most trusted painting tools... my color charts as outlined by the great Richard Schmid in his book, Alla Prima : Everything I Know About Painting. Here's the fish with the charts... cobalt blue and tera rosa:
It is a very good thing that we set up outside. That porgy was not only a good size, he was also very stinky.

This painting is available for sale in a beautiful gold frame. $395.

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